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START passes

The new START treaty passed the Senate today. Daniel Larison points this out:
The side of the debate championed by Romney, Palin, Thune, Santorum, and Bolton has lost, and the virtually unanimous opposition to the treaty from movement conservative leaders, think tanks, and magazines has been ignored. For once, deceit and fearmongering did not win the day in a foreign policy argument. More substantively, U.S.-Russian relations will not be disrupted, our allies in Europe will continue to see their security enhanced by the thaw between Washington and Moscow, and inspections of Russia’s arsenal will resume to our benefit. The harm to U.S. credibility and diplomacy that I had feared would result from the treaty’s defeat will not materialize. All in all, this should prove to be a very good week for the United States and our allies.

Anytime those people lose its probably a good day for the country. Someone like Bolton is just a neocon who doesn't hide what he believes. I disagree with him most of the time but at least he isn't full of shit. Someone like Palin is the worst of both worlds. She comes off as a neocon but probably doesn't even know what she is arguing for or against. All she knows is that Obama supports it so it must be bad. That is not the kind of person we need running the executive branch.