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Hello all. My name is David Plunk. Most people call me Dave for short, which is why I've titled the blog 'Daveverse'. The other half of the title is a reference to the term 'Whedonverse', which is itself a blog dedicated to the great Joss Whedon.

This is not a blog specifically about Joss Whedon. Though I'm sure he will come up frequently. Rather, I decided to start a blog because I feel like I have stuff to say and others might want to hear it, or not. I've been reading blogs and message boards for some time now. And I figured I should add my unique voice to the community.

What I'm going to do is combine all of my interests and just write whatever comes to my attention. That will involve mainly politics, sports, tv, and movies.

For instance, the Duke Blue Devils play the Michigan State Spartans tonight in college basketball. I'm a huge Duke fan and will give my thoughts on the pounding we will issue Michigan State tonight.

Politics is a little slow right now because Congress isn't in session. But there is stuff like the Wikileaks and talk about what will happen when Congress comes back from vacation.

So I hope you find my ramblings of some interest. And I look forward to lots of feedback from people. Let's have fun and hopefully learn something every once in while.