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The worst offense in the NFL

Is the Carolina Panthers. But have you seen the Miami Dolphins offense lately? They are giving the Panthers a run for their money. And at least the Panthers have the excuse of a rookie QB.

The Dolphins have a third year QB who had looked decent at various times. They have one of the best left tackles in the game. Brandon Marshall is very talented. Davone Bess is barely distinguishable from Wes Welker.

But now Henne looks like a rookie. He is afraid to throw the ball downfield and when he does he isn't accurate. He has poor footwork in the pocket which makes for inconsistent accuracy. He doesn't have good pocket awareness. He stares down receivers and doesn't go through his progressions. The predominant thinking among Fins fans is that the coaching staff has really messed up his head. I'm not sure he can't be saved, but it won't be by this coaching staff.

Speaking of the coaching, Sparano is supposed to be an offensive line guy. Yet the only guy worth a shit is Jake Long. And Jake Long was good from day 1, so I'm not giving them much credit for developing him. Vernon Carey is solid at RT but he was holdover from Wandstedt. Otherwise its nothing special. Though they were good in pass protection at the beginning of the season. Still not as good as they should be overall.

Ricky Williams is what he is. Maybe if we had the Ricky of 2002 we would have a decent running game. But that Ricky was supremely talented. Ronnie Brown is an indecisive runner who doesn't excel unless he is given a lot of touches. The coaches refuse to give him the touches he needs to excel. He got 10 carries today against the worst run defense in the league.

Fasano is an average TE. He doesn't really hurt the offense. But he doesn't add much. Bess is fine. Very reliable hands, really good on third downs. Marshall spends his time running 5 yard curls, 3 yard crosses, and the very occasional intermediate route that is inaccurately thrown a third of the time.

Hartline was actually playing well before he got hurt. But I wouldn't mind trying to upgrade the #2 WR. Hartline would be a very good #3 or 4. But god forbid using 4 WRs. That would require a playbook created after the merger.

I'm not aware of a reason why anyone on the offensive coaching staff should keep their job. The only coach that should definitely keep his job is Mike Nolan. Its a shame his defense has been wasted. Until coaching changes are made I won't even speculate as to who should be signed or drafted.