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I didn't post anything about last week's episodes. But I really enjoyed them. Starbuck was fantastic. She puts up the tough front. But she showed that she had a big heart when she named off all the pilots who have lost their lives, even though she told Apollo she didn't know their names. It was a really nice moment.

This week's episodes delved more into the relationship between Dee and Apollo. Even though I though the relationship between Dee and Billy was really cute, the one with her and Apollo is really hot. They made me feel bad when they kill off Billy. And they skip some emotional stuff with Dee after Billy dies when they have her and Apollo sleeping together in the next episode. But given that episode's plot I guess it makes sense to skip ahead to Apollo being healthy and then being over Billy.

Speaking of that plot, I continue to be impressed in the show's ability to tackle any and all issues. Not many issues are more touchy than abortion. And the interesting spin we are given with the issue is that there is a question of how the species will survive in the medium and long term. That of course is a question of not only surviving cylon attacks, but population growth. President Roslyn is initially against the idea of banning abortion because she still valued the right of privacy that women had over their body that they had on Caprica.

The question to me is whether Roslyn made the decision to ban abortion for political purposes or for the survival of the population. The show suggests politics played a part in it by showing the discussion with a political leader that said Roslyn's support would drop if she didn't ban it. But it also suggests that if politics was part of it, it wasn't the whole thing, because she goes against the wishes of that same leader in not prosecuting the woman who had the abortion that sparked the debate.

As for the question of banning abortion for the sake of sustaining population growth, I don't think that is the right move, at least as something other than a last resort. One thing that came to mind as an alternative is to provide incentives for people to reproduce. Another thing I think would have been interesting in the context of cylons and their ability to look like humans is the idea of artificial insemination and some sort of cloning. Get people to provide sperm and eggs and hold them in reserve for future use if needed. Those options are at least worth considering given the alternative that Gyus lays out, which is the restriction of freedom. But even though I agree with the VP's dissent from Roslyn, his motives seems to be very dangerous.