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Slow blogging

I had a relatively crappy week when it came to keeping up with blogging. Now that I intern in a political office I'm a little less inclined to come home and think and write about politics. And I guess nothing caught my attention enough during last week to make me want to write. Then came the weekend and the onset of my sinus headaches.

For a few months during the year, when the weather starts changing, my sinuses start acting up and I get a headache every day unless I take something. I have to get the over the counter stuff that you have to sign for so that they can stop people from making illegal drugs with the ingredients. I started taking it over the weekend and it hasn't really helped. In fact, I have a headache right now.

Enough about my problems. It still seems a bit slow on the politics front. I'm already tired of the Republican primary. Most of them are crazy. And the ones that aren't are trying to say crazy things in order to get elected.

The biggest story is that we killed an American citizen who had joined al Qaeda. And we did so with little to no due process and without out the decision makers being held accountable. Basically they just proved they can label someone a terrorist and kill them any time they want. That's dangerous. I think we need some sort of due process attributed to these people we are labeling terrorists. And we need some sort of check in place to make sure power isn't abused and people are held accountable for mistakes.

On the sports front, it was a bad week. This may be another reason I wasn't in a posting mood. The Braves blew a huge lead in the wild card, and in a dramatically crappy way on the last game of the season. And the Dolphins continue to be the way I described them in my last post. When does college basketball start?