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Tonight's episode felt like Community again. The entire plot revolved around the group. No Chang. No random characters being thrown into the mix (not counting the pizza guy). It wasn't in the study room. But it was the group being the group. And most importantly, Troy and Abed were a main focus of the plot.

So with all of that its not surprising that this was my favorite episode of the season so far. And they managed to touch on the faults or the darker aspects of the characters without making them seem too crazy and unlikable. They all turned out to be flawed but in a charming and funny way. That's the Community I've come to love. I also liked the narrative they chose, showing us a different reality for each character. And they rapped it up nicely with the evil beard thing during the end credits.

Please Dan Harmon, let Annie move in with Troy and Abed so we can see her watching tv with them in her pajamas. And more with the less Chang/other really weird characters.