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South Park is back

With the last episode they did, it would have been really hard to ignore that story and just jump back into the world of South Park as if nothing happened. So I was glad they picked up where they left off, with Stan suffering from being a cynical asshole, something I often encounter in my life. But just like the season opener of Community, this episode seemed to suffer from the constraint of having to resolve a story it left open months ago.

And like Community's opener, I thought this was just an ok episode. It was only kind of funny. The spoof of the Matrix wasn't that funny to me. And the Aspergers thing wasn't funny at all. Though in typical South Park fashion, they have Stan come to a realization that could change things and make things better only to immediately go the other direction. While it seems like after what happened things may go back to normal, I hope they don't complete ignore this story because it seems like the cynicism thing is part of who they are and why people like me love the show.