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Dolphins v Broncos

Its funny how I said last week that I wanted the Dolphins to lose every game except the Jets and Patriots games so that we could get Andrew Luck. The Broncos put me to the test. Tebow and the rest of the team sucked for the first three quarters. And while the Dolphins continued to be pretty mediocre, they miraculously got a TD inside the red zone along with a few FGs to get a 15 point lead going into the 4th quarter.

At that point I was find of excited. I actually wanted to win. And it was fun to start to get that feeling you get when your team has won. But typically, they blew it and let Tebow look like John Elway. Granted, when Tebow finally let loose in the 4th quarter he started throwing with accuracy, which he wasn't doing for the first three quarters. He still has not very good mechanics. But for some reason he seems to throw more accurately when he is on the run or off balance. Its weird, and it certainly helped the Broncos win, along with the poor defense from the Dolphins.

The one good thing about blowing a game like this is you can just take solace in the fact that this keeps us in the running for Luck. I've been hearing a lot about how the Colts and other teams that could finish with the first pick would draft Luck even with high picks and a ton of money invested in QBs. I just don't see it. So it could be possible that the Dolphins don't have to finish with the worst record in order to get Luck. So even despite the good feelings during parts of the game today, I still say we should play hard but come up just short.