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The Walking Dead

* Spoilers if you haven't seen the first two episodes of the new season *

It was a slightly less exciting episode this week. But it was more emotional given the circumstance with Rick's son. I like how they aren't too heavy handed with showing the emotions of the characters. The actors deserve a lot of credit for that. I also think they way they shoot the scenes and the score they use adds to it. Something I learned from watching Buffy is that often times when you are showing emotional scenes less amounts to more. You don't have to spell out everything and force things in order to get the audience to connect with the characters. So far I think the show is doing a good job on this front.

As for the actual plot, the lost girl is almost and afterthought since Rick's son was shot. Its been, what, over a day, maybe two, since she ran off and got lost. I can buy that she got away from walkers. But for a girl that young I would think it will be getting difficult to find food and water. Plus she has to be freaked out. I'd get scared getting lost in a grocery store at that age, much less being chased by zombies. So I don't like the prospects for the group finding her. If they don't find her soon they will have to get into a very difficult conversation.

I thought Sean (I think that's his name, the cop with the dark haired guy) was close to telling Rick what happened with Rick's wife while he was in the hospital. Now that the kid has been shot it seems like Sean won't be as willing to leave as he was. Not to mention that he is trapped by walkers. I liked how they set that scene up. That's another thing I think they do well. They don't stretch things too much in order to create tension. Next week should have plenty of that.