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The Walking Dead

Season two finally premiered tonight. I thought it was a really good start. I won't get into specifics since its only a few hours old. I'll just say that I'm a fairly big fan of the zombie genre. Like Battlestar Galactica, it provides us with a unique circumstance in which we can explore the less common or deeper aspects of humanity and really stretch characters.

Zombies work because its not a huge leap mentally to buy into the whole thing. Most movies and shows about zombies don't get too specific in explaining how zombies came about. But the most common explanation of some sort of virus that created them isn't too difficult to swallow. And again, like BSG, the fact that the zombies are, or were, human beings makes it more emotional.

The Walking Dead is a good show because it does a good job of developing the emotions of its characters. And now its more than just sitting around a camp site trying to hold off zombies. I think getting out of Atlanta and venturing towards what they think could be a safer place will make this season compelling.