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Fuck it

Just lose, Miami. I wanted you to beat the Jets because they are the Jets and I don't like them. And I still want you to beat them the second time we play them. I'd also like to beat the Patriots. But when it comes to the rest of the schedule, just lose them all. The likelihood of making the playoffs is extremely small. So what's the point of winning games if you aren't going to make the playoffs? Pride? Please. This team is pathetic. The coaches are inept. The players don't seem to care.

I really see no reason to win. There is no pride to be had in winning a few more games than the Colts or the other bad teams in the league. There is a reason to lose. And while many think that reason is Andrew Luck, it doesn't even have to be about him. There is value in getting the first pick in the draft. Obviously, it allows you to pick any player you want. And now that we have rookie wage scales, you don't have to pay picks as much as you used to. So now there is less risk involved in picking high in the draft.

So for the sake of us Dolphin fans, just tank the rest of the season. This season is a lost cause. Sparano will be fired. Ireland might be fired as well. Just focus on the next draft and the next offseason. Being successful in those things are more important to the medium and long term success of the franchise than squeaking out a few wins this season so that you finish above the Colts. And if you don't succeed in doing those things, you risk pissing off even extremely loyal fans like myself. Because even we can't take this crap for too long.