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This man wants to be president

Dan Drezner analyzes Herman Cain's foreign policy views:

I found.... a total of five paragraphs on "national security." That's it. No white papers, fact sheets, bullet points, or list of advisors. So you gotta think that these are going to be the most awesome and mind-blowing foreign policy paragraphs ever!!!

Check the link to see the actual paragraphs, which are really pathetic. I can go over to the University of Memphis Political Science department and have every single person over there give a vastly more detailed foreign policy overview than this person who is running for the office that basically controls US foreign policy.

So, that's it. Nothing on great power politics, nothing on foreign economic policy, nothing on our alliances, nothing on any particular region of the globe. Nothing but a faint whiff of Carl Schmitt's logic of friends and enemies. This is actually worse than Rick Perry's efforts, in that I don't think it passes the Turing Test.

Here is a quote Dan flags from Cain's book:

I'm not trying to escape the broader issues, but I think a President should first be briefed on classified intelligence about America's relationships before offering opinions.

The public doesn't know the answers to those [foreign policy] questions, and neither do I.

That's no excuse for not having an informed opinion on any foreign policy issue whatsoever. This guy is a complete joke. And it really shows how ridiculous and pathetic the Republican party is for giving this guy the time of day. Both parties usually have some weirdos who try to get nominated. But Cain is another breed of incompetent and unqualified, even among the small mindedness of the Rick Perry types of the world. I guess someone had to fill the void that Sarah Palin left.