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Evangelical atheists

About 30 minutes ago I had a woman from a baptist church come to my door in order to try and get me to support her and her church. For some reason I have an impulse to not be an asshole, or to not come across as one to other people. So I let her ramble on without interrupting her and saying I'm not interested. About five minutes in I think she got the sense that I wasn't interested and asked if I was an atheist. I said yes. But that didn't shake her up much at all. She just kept going with her speech, barely taking a breath. I even mentioned a second time I was an atheist and she just kept going. Eventually I nicely said I wasn't interested a she went on her way.

That experience made me wonder what would happen if atheists went around evangelizing about their beliefs. And I don't mean doing so in a combative manner. Most christians aren't too bad with their door to door stuff. I mean just calmly asking people to give up their beliefs and join atheists in not believing. I would suspect people would be just as annoyed as I was, though not necessarily because of the nature of the message. I think even christians get annoyed by evangelizing because what you believe is usually very personal and you already have those beliefs set and a church chosen. People don't like forced preaching. If they want to be preached to, they will seek it out. They can respect you have your own beliefs. But leave it at that and let people be.