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Before getting to last night's episode, I want to applaud NBC for finally letting Alison Brie get out there and promote the show. She was on the Today show yesterday and is on Jimmy Fallon tonight. As readers of this blog know, I absolutely adore Alison. She is gorgeous and talented. And when she isn't acting she seems very charming. And while I think Community is awesome enough to garner huge numbers of viewers on its own, I'm not above sending Alison out there in order to get viewers for the shallow reason of watching her be beautiful. And that's even more the case since Community doesn't get a lot of viewers.

Back to last night's episode, I didn't care for it. There were two main plots; Chang and the group. I enjoyed Chang for the first two seasons. He worked well as a peripheral character that interacted with the group in funny ways. But now in season three he seems to have taken on a role equivalent with the group. Last night he got as much screen time as the group. And while some parts of his story were funny, I just don't find it as compelling as the group or even the individuals within it. I'm not sure where they are going with his character, but I'm not sold it can be good if it continues to have little or nothing to do with the group.

The other plot involving the group didn't really work for me either. Basically they were being dysfunctional again and they had to find a way to solve the problem they created. I don't mind the tension. But they were being a little too confrontational with each other without being as funny, sweet, and charming as they have been. And there wasn't enough personality from any character to make me care about the current crisis. They all seem stereotypical of themselves and not really that involved

In relation to that, where in the hell have Troy and Abed been this season? They had fewer lines than Chang this episode. I think they have had fewer than him this season so far. That is criminal. I understand they don't want to make those two bigger than the group. But I don't think the group and the show can be as good as it can be without big efforts on the part of Troy and Abed. They are simply too funny. Though the funniest part of last night was the scene after the credits which is usually Troy and Abed time. This time it was Britta and she was seeing penises on the scantrons. If you aren't going to use Troy and Abed it better be that funny.